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Bullhorn bible Study

A Closer Look At Today’s Most Used (and Misused) Bible Verses

Have you ever seen someone hold up a sign with a bible verse on it at a football game or had someone bust out a bible verse on you that made you feel weird? Or had a street preacher holler at you as you walked by?

Have you ever wondered what it meant or even if they were using it correctly? 

All too often verses from the Bible are pulled out of context to fit into someone's personal narrative, and it's time to put it back where it belongs...in the story God is writing that began in the Bible and continues through us.

Join me in my new study called Bullhorn Bible Study, as we take a closer look at the most used (and often misused) bible verses of today and try to get at what God is really saying to us.

Six 20-Minute Videos. Online. On your own time. Join today!